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Almost all images can be purchased for private or commercial use, from the agencies listed on the Purchase page. More photos coming all the time...

Fluids at High-speed - Fluids at High-speed
Supersonic Bullets - Schlieren images of Supersonic Bullets and High-speed work.
Scanning Electron Microscopy - High Magnification SEM images ranging from blue cheese to Shark Skin.
Birds and Bugs in Flight - Captured in Flight using High-Speed Flash Equipment
X-Ray Images 2007 - Lots of new X-ray shots ranging from shoes to Ipods
A wide variety of Infrared images
New X-ray Work - Brand new images from 2006.
Bats in Flight - taken in a barn full of about 5,000 bats!
Raccoons at Night - Remote Photography of Animals Using an Infrared trigger, with detailed explanation of techniques.
Science 2006 - Brand new images from 2006. Exploring X-ray insects, scarab beetles, scorpions, and UV bio-engineered fish. This is the place to look to see all the new exciting projects.
Science 2005 - High Speed UV flash, Golfball flow testing, Chickens hatching, genetics of tongues, ears, blood sucking mosquitoes, leaches, polarization of lake ice, optical diffraction, wind mills, ferrofluid (magnetic liquid) and High Speed Karate.
Scientific Images 2004 - minerals, tadpoles, atomic spectra, fossils, balloons popping, eggs exploding, water in motion, and bullets splitting apples.
Thermograms - Digital far infrared images showing heat radiated by elephants, homes, cars, people, dogs, cats, and electrical devices. Photographed in the 8 to 13 micron region of the far infrared.
Snowflakes - Winter 2004-2005 and past snowfalls.

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