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Almost all images can be purchased for private or commercial use, from the agencies listed on the Purchase page. More photos coming all the time...

Fluids at High-speed - Fluids at High-speed
Supersonic Bullets - Schlieren images of Supersonic Bullets and High-speed work.
Scanning Electron Microscopy - High Magnification SEM images ranging from blue cheese to Shark Skin.
Birds and Bugs in Flight - Captured in Flight using High-Speed Flash Equipment
X-Ray Images 2007 - Lots of new X-ray shots ranging from shoes to Ipods
A wide variety of Infrared images
New X-ray Work - Brand new images from 2006.
Bats in Flight - taken in a barn full of about 5,000 bats!
Raccoons at Night - Remote Photography of Animals Using an Infrared trigger, with detailed explanation of techniques.

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