The Time-Lapse Photography FAQ: An Introduction to Time-Lapse Photography

Version 8 Jan, 2011
Copyright Ted Kinsman

It is hard for me to believe that this is the 14th year of up dating the Time-Lapse Photography FAQ.  With all the advances in digital cameras there is more to write about than ever.  I will attempt to get across the fundamentals of working with digital cameras in the new chapter completely devoted to digital Time-lapse.  I have also included a full chapter on Construction Time-Lapse a current hot topic with many new uses for the current series of digital cameras.

I would like to thank all of the great photographers and engineers that have written and called in the past year.  Your insights and strange requests have keep me thinking that there are many new directions to go in the world of time-lapse photography.

Chapter 1  Introduction and theory:

What time-lapse is:
Equations and how to figure out a timing sequence
Use of time reversal techniques

Chapter 2. Digital Camera Equipment:

New digital cameras and how to use them

Chapter 3. Film Based Time-Lapse

The use and selection of cameras including the Arriflex, Bolex, and Mitchell Camera Models.
Various techniques of triggering a shutter are discussed.
Stepping motors, Cam systems, and manufactured systems.

Chapter 4. Testing Camera image stability and Streak Photography:

The steps a computer must use to control lights, camera and the action.

Chapter 5. Plants and Lights

How to deal with plants in the time-lapse laboratory.

How to film the sun, sunsets, sunrises, and various weather systems.

Chapter 7. Digital Techniques and Timing a Sequence

Equations and how to figure out that timing sequence by comparing digital image files.

Chapter 8. Construction Sites and the Conclusion,

Problems encountered in filming a construction site with a time-lapse camera

Thank you for your time. Drop me a note and let me know what you think this time-lapse FAQ

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