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Here are some recent stories about Kinsman Physics Productions that have appeared online and in print.

A colorfull Daphnia image for an article about sex. - From Science Illistrated July/August 2008 issue

Here is a little article I wrote for Popular Photography on High-speed Bird photography. Feb 2008 "you can do it " section.

Focus magazine inthe UK ran a nice article on High-speed gunshots.

Hi-Fructose Magazine - Volume 4 (Winter 2007): This offbeat art magazine ran a nice spread of my x-ray photos of toys.

In October 2006 the Lucky JuJu invited me back for a show all on x-ray photography.   I happened to meet the editors of Make Magazine and they ran a short article on my images in Volue 8.
     alameda          make mag

In January 2006 Digital Photography Made Easy published an article about photographing snowflakes.   Check out the nice snowflake on the cover!
In December 2005 the photo magazine Digitalis Foto in Budapest Hungry published a great 12 page spead about my work. This glossy high quility magazines is one of the most respected photography magazines in Europe, written in Hungarian.

This is a great  to brush up on your Hungarian!


An editer in France sent this cover of one of my thermial images; 2004

The students at RIT ran a nice article in 2004
BPC   bpc2

Many readers have asked to see the sold out issue of PhotoTechniques article I wrote in May/June 2004 issue of the magazine. Here are the pages. This article goes through the procedures to make high-speed images using high-speed flash units. Unfortunately the Fotoroniz Flash heads described in the article are no longer made

Here are some older stories about Kinsman Physics Productions that have appeared online and in print.

Beyond Imagination (page 1) (page 2) - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, February 2004

Bending Science Into Art - Rochester City Newspaper, April 2003

Tiny Subject, Big Ambitions - Brighton Pittsford Post, Oct 2003

Taking a Closer Look at Nature - Brighton Pittsford Post, 2002

Art Springs from the Lab - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, October 2002

Photo Physicist - Oregon Magazine, 2001

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